Sunday, June 3, 2007

CADILLAC LOUNGE (1296 Queen St. W.)

Chris, Paul, Matt, Scott, Emmy, Tomas, Rocio & Ryan

FOOD: 2+

ALL-DAY BREAKFAST: NO (sat & sun, 10:30am-3:30pm)
FREE REFILLS: YES (bottomless cup: $3)
LICENSED: YES (full bar)
PATIO: YES (4,000 sq. ft.)

Once upon a time (last night), Paul had a party. It was Zach's birthday. There was a watergun full of rum. I woke up on the roof of Paul's house. Needless to say, I needed breakfast more than I can recall since I started this blog. The answer was at the edge of Parkdale, in the heart of hipster central, trendy West Queen West. Here, you can find Cadillac Lounge, located about a block west of Dufferin. Although it's been a regular haunt for a couple of years, this was my first full introduction to Cadillac's breakfast (brunch). Caddy boasts the largest patio on Queen West, not to mention regular live music and more sexy rockabilly girls than you can shake a stick at.

3 eggs
peameal, strip bacon or sausage

THE FOOD: The food was nothing to talk about per say. It took forever to come, and when it did, nobody seemed to be too impressed. The fruit tasted like it was been thawed then left under a heat lamp for a day. I found my own meal pretty standard. Nothing really stood out, yet nothing was particularly bad. On the upside, the marble rye option was a nice change from the ordinary, as was my getting 5 pieces of bacon versus the standard 3 (a couple of pieces were actually 2 stuck together). All in all, "meh."
Ryan Side-Note: They forgot the cheese on my omelette.

THE PRICE: Pretty much what you'd expect to pay for breakfast at a bar I'd say. Nothing to claim bankruptcy over, but far from a bargain.

THE SERVICE: Our server Heidi was quite nice. She was attentive yet un-intrusive, which is key. "So you got enough cream and shit?" She brought us pitchers of water (did I meantion I love water?). She was quicktime with the drinks, but much too slow in taking our meal order, since we had been sitting there with menus for some time before her first appearence. I'm just happy to have not had the annoying dude who really needs to lay off the over-the-top hospitality act before he implodes for being such a dink. But yeah, back to service. Aside from waiting a good half hour for our food, I'd say they did pretty well with minimal mistakes for taking care of a table of eight, plus the creamers came on ice.
Paul Side-Note: She gave me rye instead of brown toast.
Ps- Heidi smelled nice.
Pss- They were out of Baileys for my coffee.

THE AMBIANCE: It's the fucking Caddy Paddy. There's not a whole lot of negative things one can say about this place. Inside the bar it's dark, like, really dark, which is beautiful when you wake up outside covered in dirt after a night of excess. Outside, the patio is huge, the atmosphere is casual, the music's ace and the girls are gorgeous, what more can you possibly ask for? Aside from more comfortable patio chairs and an all you can eat buffet, I can't think of a whole lot.

Ahhh, Cadillac. How I missed you throughout the winter. I'm just happy to have this patio back. Sure the breakfast's pretty basic, i'd suggest the Huevos Rancheros (easy on the sour cream) over the standard, but all in all it's definately a place worth visiting. So do so.

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